Saturday, January 16, 2010

Restaurant food

I had dinner out on Thursday night.
The occasion was a seminar I was at, so the food was pre-ordered for our arrival.
I called in the day before and changed my order to vegetarian, which the restaurant was okay with.
And they did a great job too. I love it when the kitchen makes an effort to make vegetarian dishes tasty and good, like a true food experience.
First, we all got a cup of cauliflower soup as a starter. It was thick and creamy, just like cauliflower soup should be.

While the others got fish, I had pickled mushrooms with cauliflower puree and dill. The sweetness of the puree worked very well with the acidity of the pickled mushrooms. The presentation was nice too:

The main dish this night was grilled eggplant with a sun dried and capers sauce, served with a fondant potato (baked first, then fried in fat).
I ate all the eggplant, but the potato was a little bit too much. Also, I was getting a little full at this point.

I think the chef did a great job. I felt that he (- or she) did make an effort to please me, and I really appreciate that.

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