Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Russian tea, anyone?

Kusmi tea is one of my favourite teas.
The tea house Kusmi tea was established in the Russian city St. Petersburg in 1867 by Pavel M. Kousmichoff.
During the russian revolution, his son Constantin fled to Paris and in the process, moved the tea house permanently to France.
The Kousmichoff family ran the business until 1975. Today it's owned by a family in Paris who have modernized the tea house. Today Kusmi tea offer everything from classic Russian tea, to organic rooibos and spicy chocolate tea.

My favourite is still the old Russian classic Prince Vladimir.
With it's strong taste of Ceylon and China tea flavoured with orange, lemon, vanilla and cinnamon, it's the best thing that can be mixed with hot water, in my humble opinion.
The milder tasting Anastasia, is a close second.
Some like their tea flavoured with sugar and lemon. I prefer mine plain. But when the tea is served plain, the taste needs to be full bodied, it must please the palate and have a smell that tinkers the nose. Kusmi tea is a little more pricy than most other teas, but it's well worth the money.

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