Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm still picking chanterelles...

I have found this wonderful place in the forest behind my house.
It's a little opening between the trees, and the ground is covered in orange, meaty and delicious chenterelles.
I call it my heaven.
I have lost count on how many pounds I have picked so far. Most of them are already in the freezer, but last night - after another hunt for the forest gold - I sauteed some of the mushrooms in REAL butter and ate them with brown rice.
It was so good, I decided I deserved a little treat. You know, I had picked the mushrooms, cleaned them and sauteed them, of course I deserved a treat.
So I opened a bottle of Chardonnay white wine and poured myself a glass.
I am pretty sure, at least about 99 percent sure, I would pick last nights chanterelle dinner over any ice cream.
Yup.....pretty sure!


Kitty said...

wow, how cool? I assume you know a lot about mushrooms to eat them!

it's neat to think you can just eat from the land for nothing. I love mushrooms and rice!

Eva said...

kitty, I know the ones that are considered safe. It means that they are not easily mixed up with mushrooms that are not edible, or even poisonus. Also, if in doubt I have this plac I can go to and have them checked. But mostly I stay with the safe ones. They are also the ones that taste the best. :-)